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In 1996, Suzette started working as a full time Realtor at a local Century21 brokerage in Las Vegas, NV. From the beginning, Suzette has always been fascinated by the prospect of working with investment properties, because she recognized the wealth-building potential. When she moved to Washington State, she continued working for local brokerage firms, and started her company, World West Investments in 2002 to start investing in real estate. While investing in fix-and-flip properties, she obtained enough field experience to sit for the brokerage exam and to earn her designated broker’s license. In 2003, she became an independent real estate broker and opened her own real estate brokerage in 2003.


Over time, World West Investments became a real estate investment and development company, and has since evolved to become a real estate investment consultancy and education company for real estate investors who are interested in planning, analyzing, evaluating, and accessing commercial real estate investment opportunities via syndications, joint ventures, and the assembly of rental income portfolios to achieve desired real estate goals.

Suzette West,
Principal/Designated Broker
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